The internet is a dangerous place

We offer protection for your children

What Is This “Device” you say?

CPO (that we have named it) is a device that you simply plug in to your existing router (the device you use to connect to the internet) and follow a 5 minute setup. Anyone then who uses your internet is protected by CPO! From then on you receive detailed reports regarding the internet usage of each connected device allowing you to take instant action as required. It’s that simple.


CPO vs Alternatives

This should help to show just how unprotected your children really are when online and how CPO helps.


Protection CPO Firewall Antivirus Standard Router
Protectes all connected devices Yes
Automatic updates Yes Yes
Rule based protection Yes Yes Yes
Malware Yes Limited Limited
Hackers Yes

The Hardware Specification


CPO has been designed for use in households with internet speeds up to a whopping 200Gbps and a family up to 8 people (each person with 2 simultanously connected devices).

CPU (The brain) Intel Quad Core (It’s great at multi-tasking)
RAM (Short term memory) 2GB (Super fast memory)
Hard Drive (Long term memory) 32GB SSD (It’s very fast vs mechanical drives)
WiFi Support Yes! (Connect your devices wirelessly)