The internet is a dangerous place

We offer protection for your children
What types of threats do you protect my family from?

The types of threats are constantly changing. We currently make it difficult for your child to access the Dark Web using TOR along with restricting access to common pornography sites, known terrorist sites, and known malicious websites. This is not a conclusive list by all means. The generated reports will show more detail on the types of threats it is actively protecting your child from.

Do you save any data going through CPO?

No we do not. We are not interesting in your data at all. CPO simply acts as a physical filter between the internet and all those using your internet. We will periodically update CPO with new threat detected and we occasionally receive anonymouse statistics about the usage and threats detected to help us improve the service. Your actual browsing data does not go through our network.

Will you protect my family against all threats online?

Nobody can guarantee that every threat will be prevented. However, we do use the power of the community to assist us in keeping up to date with the most recent of threats.

Why do you make a profit from protecting my family?

We make a small profit to allow us to innovate in protecting your family online. The predators and threats are continously evolving and we must do to. We are very thankful for your support in allowing us to keep fighting back against the threats.

Are you able to protect institutes that are involved with many children?

Yes we are able to help. CPO can be installed within your network and all computers connect to it will be protected. However, you will want to contact us as you may require CPOs big brother in order to cope with higher demands in traffic. You can contact us via our contact form (located in the header of this site and the footer).